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7/25 @ 9:58 pm]


reality is so BORING.
join now!!the_drug_life

5/4 @ 12:14 am]

[ mood | high ]

name: Jaimy & Sanna
age: Between 18-25
sex: Male (j) And Female(s)
location: Gatineau Québec Canada
status I have No idea what this means. im too stoned

favorites: We like smoking up, and listening to music, and making stuff like bongs, or songs, or comics, or spreadsheets, we do it all lol
bands: Otep, Jefferson Airplane, Benny Benassi, Felix Da Housecat, Lamb Of God, SlipKnoT,PCD,Gorrilaz,Ourselves, Afroman
movies: Cheech And Chong(anything) Kevin Smith,
books: too many to list, and too lazy
strain of marijuana: Various. and many
smoking device: Mostly Bongs

would you rather:
blunts or joints: Joint
bongs or vaporizer: Bongs FOR SURE
pipes or bubblers: Bubblers

anything else you want to tell us about yourself.

not really, check out our journal, comment and befriend, us, :)

3/6 @ 10:07 pm]

It's me, again.

Post & promote pleaseeee.


2/25 @ 12:34 am]

name: kayleigh
age: 16
sex: female
location: texas
status (pictures if possible!): taken...
and this is the boy..Collapse ).

favorites: bandaids, advil, lighters, and concerta.
bands: sublime, NIN, a perfect circle, kmk, bone thugs, the benassi bros and more.
movies: A Clockwork Orange, The Jacket, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
books: The Taking by Dean Koontz
strain of marijuana: white widow
smoking device: my bubbler.

would you rather:
blunts or joints: blunts
bongs or vaporizer: Bongs
pipes or bubblers: Bubblers

anything else you want to tell us about yourself

2/24 @ 5:11 pm]

Hey again, I feel like I'm the only one making posts! (I am.) Anyway, updated the community info page AGAIN, because I got bored. I hope everyone likes it, and I hope astrophunk311 isn't butthurt that I changed it a little. I know you're not. ;D Peace

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